About Us

invenio is part of international engineering company with squads in Europe, America and Australia.

Our company performs services such as quality control and rework of automotive parts, outsourcing of engineers/specialists as well as production workers, mechanical/manufacturing engineering and training. We realize orders, where Customer needs us. We take whole responsibility for performed services. We are flexible in accordance to requirements of today's market.

Control and Rework

Supplier quality development services are available to you to assist in solving quality problems or when resources are insufficient. We execute orders both in our company and by sending employees to the customer's site.

HR services

As part of an international engineering company, we offer a wide range of outsourcing services for Staff.

We have both lower-level employees, such as: production workers, assemblers, inspectors, quality control, as well as senior staff such as managers, engineers, technologists and other specialists. Our employees are chosen through a multi-stage recruitment process. In addition to the standard interview, candidates are checked by manual testing and technical language skills. Therefore, our employees are highly qualified, appropriately selected for the needs of our customers.


Our company offers high-quality training services. We conduct workshops, training and interpersonal skills improvement to open new opportunities for You. Our business is to assist you in solving problems in your company. We offer a lot of interesting trainings and we are open to your suggestions.

Manufacture & Mechanical Engineering

Working out technical documentation of manufacturing and test equipment for: Gauges and fixture, Test stands, specifically for transmissions tested under the load, Retrofit of assembly stations, specifically for process streamlining, Conferring the CE mark and dealing with certification process.


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